Winter has just arrived and a lot of homeowners will be packing up their patio-entertaining furniture to ‘hibernate’ during wintertime. But you don’t have to!

By adding a few design adjustments and heating elements, you can completely transform your outdoor space and create a new hot spot for the winter months.

Here are our ideas on how to prepare your outdoor patio for winter, making the chilly season more enjoyable.

Patio roofing

Patio and pergola roofs make a huge difference to the temperature of your outdoor space. Our Smartblade opening roof systems have become increasingly popular because they allow you to make the most of outdoor living all year round. You can control the light, shade, temperature, ventilation and essentially the weather! There are so many reasons why to choose an opening roof.


Outdoor heating is essential when wanting to keep you and your guests warm during winter. Opting to heat sources creates a focal point on your patio that will not only generate warmth and comfort, but a design that’s wonderful for entertainment and gathering your friends around for drinks and dinners. Heating options include outdoor fire pits, metal braziers, patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces. If your patio isn’t covered, it’s important to make sure your fire pit includes a cover to keep the fire sustained and safe.


In winter, opening up your louvre roof on an angel will permit the sun in generating warmth without the glaze and blocking winds if adjusted accordingly. Maximising the winter sun will also reduce your electricity use on outdoor heaters during the day. However, as the winter nights get colder and darker, it’s a great idea to add additional outdoor lighting for your patio to create ambience to the alfresco area. Fairy lights, heat lamps, candles and lanterns will give your patio the final touch in creating a warm glow while lighting up the outdoor enclosure on frosty evenings.

Furniture & Accessories

Making your patio winter friendly requires investing in outdoor furniture and accessories that will keep you warm but also combat those winter woes. Layered cushions, fur throws and warm rugs will transform your patio into a cosy outdoor lounge room. Wintery textures like woven fabrics, merino wool and velvet are popular choices.

A deck and patio can be enjoyed any time of the year regardless of the seasons. Getting the most out of your patio during winter isn’t a difficult procedure. Making small adjustments like adding comfortable furniture, cosy accessories, heating appliances and warm lighting on your alfresco, will make your outdoor patio an inviting oasis for the cooler months.

Preparing your patio for winter is now made easy! Contact us at Smartblade Opening Roof Systems if you have any questions about preparing your patio for 365 days a year.